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Facing the fear of…. birthdays

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Photo care of has their different things. The way they celebrate life. Birthdays seem a nearly universal concept for celebration. And yet for a long time I hated mine. In the past I have had a lot of bad circumstances with my birthday, car accidents, deaths, being lost and alone in foreign cities where I don’t speak the language (it continues but you get the idea).

In fact, I had started to regard it as the coming dark blemish on an otherwisegood year. I wouldn’t tell family and friends when it was, I would have dinnerparties near the date but never ON and never, ever FOR my birthday. I felt like I had accrued some kind of bad Karma from a past life and it always collected on my birthdate.

So two years ago, my then boyfriend, and now husband decided to turn that around. He had watched for a few years, how in the weeks before I grew quiet, evasive and apprehensive about the day I was born. And when he asked why I would clam up, not wanting to dump my horrible memories onto another person.

He didn’t start small either. He just said. It’s your birthday, appreciate it and blew me away with the day he had planned. And since then I have had AWESOME birthdays; He has filmed all of my French friends and family, singing and wishing me a happy birthday. He also has annoyed/texted/messaged everyone of my Australian friends and kept reminding them that no matter how much I denied it, I did have a birthday.

This year he took me for stand up paddle between all the islands, and later on, we had a farm house restaurant family dinner. And for the first time in over 12 years I had looked forward to and enjoyed my birthday.

Looking back I’ve been trying to hide under a mental rock. Yes, I had a huge unlucky amount of birthdays, and yes, that just isn’t right. But at the same time everyone deserves a little happiness. No matter how much bad Karma that is out there. So rather than scream “its my birthday” to the skies I have created my own traditions to celebrate me. Ones that remind me to appreciate life and that I’ll enjoy. This is the day I was born and yes I’ll celebrate it…in my own way:

  • I will make it my day of resolutions/projects/aims/goals/dreams
  • I’ll choose three words to live by for the next year
  • I’ll toast my thanks for the last year at dinner.

This year for my toast, I looked back at the last time we ate at the farmhouse restaurant. I couldn’t speak French. I was afraid to speak it. My husband and I were stuck between the countries back then and we were lost at what to do. During that time, with the patience of his family and friends I have learnt French to the point that I can make my birthday toast in French.
I also touched on how supportive everyone has been of us, no matter how impossible things have seemed. And how grateful I am of my husband, who brings me back down to earth and encourages me to face my fears. I got a little teary, as did his mother and Melo; A special friend of mine and my brother-in-laws boyfriend.

The resolutions I will write about here.
And my words to live by I will write about here.

Other than that. I just want to know what you guys are afraid of? Have you faced them?  How do you make your birthday’s yours? What are your traditions for any day? Have you ever made your own traditions?

Thanks so much for reading this
Chelsea B xx


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July 2, 2012 at 8:16 am

My first ever Cashmere

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I remember my first ever piece. It was a Silver Lacoste collection edition orginally $800 down to $150 at Harbour Town outlet on the Goldcoast. was at university at the time (I still am by correspondence) and a $150 equalled about 10 T-shirts to me. However, I needed a jumper, one that was classic, that I could own for years, was super warm and super stylish. This fit the bill. So I tried it on and ummed and ahhed. Then the friend who was with me took my wallet and brought it with my cash. So that I’d stop wondering about getting it. That was one of my/their best purchases EVER.

I have travelled with it, worn it for work and out, with friends, family and on dates. It was tight and loose in all the right places. It was WARM in Paris and Milan and London, and I looked casually classic and stylish too… And then, my husband washed it in the washing machine with his socks and his jeans like it was any old jumper.

And it shrunk to about the size of a 12 year old, which is also the same size as my mother in law. Me? I’m an Australian size 10-12, so I was lucky I could poke my head through the top when it came out. I have boobs and hips, I am definitely curvy but not overweight. My dream jumper just got whopper smacked out of my hands, and I wasn’t about to give it to my mother in law which would have been the nicest thing to do.

No, instead, I yelled at my husband and then I went straight to google for advice to fix shrunken cashmere sweaters. And most advice was either give up or use something really soft to get it to un-shrink. I persevered with the unshrinking and ended up with a cashmere lump that resembles nothing.

I really should have been nice and given it to my mother in law.
Chelsea B xx

P.S Has any of your favourite pieces of clothing ever been wrecked? How?

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June 24, 2012 at 6:45 am